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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Give the Way You Live

Give the way you live

Give the way you live

Spread the holiday cheer by giving healthy this year!  ‘Tis the season for giving, and if you’re still making your gift list, make sure to check it twice for healthy gifts.  You may already be watching what you eat, or, have intentions for a health-focused resolution, but don’t forget about your loved ones who might need a push in the right direction.  After all, what better way to show someone that you care about them than with the gift of health?  The best part is that once you’re on the healthy path, your family and friends won’t stray far away.

Don’t fret because fruitcake and cheese logs aren’t the only ways to spread holiday health to your loved ones.  Try these gift ideas to give the way you live:

  • Make a gift basket.  Anyone can use  a gift basket.  Think of a theme that would be easy to express in your basket.  Healthy hostess?  Breakfast in bed?  Healthy road trips?  Now grab a basket and fill it up with anything needed to make that healthiness happen.  For a healthy hostess, try finding a bamboo serving tray and plates and pair with a simple cookbook.  For breakfast in bed, try a cushioned tray with a herbal teas and a tea set.  A small cooler, storage containers, and trail mix ingredients could be included in a road trip basket.
  • DIY with a recipe jar.  For the creative folks out there, you can make a batch of something for everyone on your list without cooking at all!  Reuse clean and sanitized jars with lids and fill with the dry ingredients of a healthy recipe.  It’s best to buy in bulk so you’ll have plenty for everyone- including yourself.  A soup could include layers of beans, noodles and spices, while a cookie jar could have flour, oatmeal, sugar, and raisins all stacked up.  Print up the recipe on fancy paper, and attach to the jar with a festive bow.  Ask them to call you when they make it so you’ll get to taste what they’ve been cooking, thanks to you!
  • Keep it sweet.  Anyone can appreciate something sweet.  This time around, try a healthier approach to giving sweets.  Dip apples in caramel and roll in nuts for a kick of protein.  Not only is this gift nice and sweet, it’s a sneaky, tasty way to give your folks a dose of vitamin C.  If you’re a cookie maker, try to find a recipe that uses dried fruits and whole grains, like oatmeal and cranberries,
  • The good ‘old gift card.  For the cook in your group who already has everything- except ingredients- give them a gift card to the health food store where they can shop for whatever they want, on the healthier tip.  One of the reasons people pass on healthy foods is because of the cost, but with a gift card to the health food store, they won’t feel so bad buying the more expensive organics.  No healthy stores in town?  Include a healthy recipe and a shopping list with a gift card to the grocery store and they’ll just have to try it out.

When you give with good intentions, you’ll be giving gifts that will have no need for return or exchange.  When they get their gift, they’ll be empowered to focus on their health and to give the way you live a try

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