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“Kills for Thrills” Limited Hellz Bellz Collection!

kills for thrills

Dear Santa,

I sincerely hope that on your way down from the North Pole and stuff, you stop off in LA. Sneak your way into the Hellz Bellz factory on a covert gift-giving mission, and pick up a few select items for me. Not just any items though! Make sure they’re the ones from the limited “Kills for Thrills” collection.

Yes, Santa! Hellz Bellz is back with another limited edition collection. “Kills for Thrills” will only be available on it’s online shop (but Santa, I think you’ve got the hookup, right?), for 48 hours starting Dec 18th! They’ll debut new stuff, like the  sleek “Leatherneck” wrist clutch or the “Gun It” canvas bag. And they’ll also bring back the classics, one in particular that I hope the elves can snag for me, the “Minnie Bellz” t-shirt. Featuring the graphic that made Hellz Bellz famous, the “Minnie Bellz” tee is all I want for Christmas Santa, so make it happen!

Yours truly,


p.s. I’ll have that plate of cookies for you this year, I promise!

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