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Karmaswap: The Ebay Alternative?

Karmaswap: The Ebay Alternative?

Karmaswap: The Ebay Alternative?

In a little world called the internet, the go to destination for online retail has been dominated by one name: Ebay. We’ve all heard of the website; it’s probably the one place I can think of where you can find practically anything your little heart desires…well almost everything. In the past I’ve purchased a ridiculous amount of cosmetics, shoes, apparel, and even electronics on the site, and have spent countless hours bidding, rebidding, and searching for cost efficient alternatives to my favorite brands. Although Ebay has dominated the internet retail world, and has made it possible for the everyday person to become their own boss, like every Goliath it has a David. Ebay’s “David”, so to speak, is Karmaloop’s very own Karmaswap.

Being that I’m a avid online shopper and also super cheap, I came to the conclusion awhile ago that although Ebay is perfect for picking up a new or used iPod or two, and if your lucky some designer duds, it’s not street wear friendly. I’ve searched the website high and low for Hellz Bellz (my favorite!), Married to the Mob, MadeMe, and even some 10 Deep, only to come up with a few items to select from, or none at all. In my small part of the world, that is a EPIC FAIL. Where Ebay drops the ball in terms of carrying the alternative contemporary brands I know and love, Karmaswap picks up big time. Built in the same framework as it’s rival, Karmaswap gives individuals and brands the power to sell their new and used clothing, original artwork, accessories, and toys, to a wide range of street wear lovers, thus creating a Ebay-esq world where it’s easier to find a Crooks & Castle tee than a Zara dress.

Karmaswap: The Ebay Alternative?

Karmaswap is great for a few reasons...

After heavy research of the site – and by heavy research I mean purchasing things I probably don’t need – I’ve come to the conclusion that Karmaswap is great for a few reasons.

1) New Brand Exposure – For artists and new designers looking for some exposure, Karmaswap seems to be a great investment. I’ve got a couple of friends who have tried to sell their street wear duds on Ebay, but can’t simply because the website doesn’t have big enough demographic of people who are purchasing those things. Because Karmaswap is connected at the spine with the Godfather of street wear boutiques Karmaloop, small independent brands are exposed to a large group of people who may not only be shopping for those well known brands, but may also be searching for something new and exciting.

2) It’s Cheap – I’ve been lucky enough to be able to snatch deals from out of thin air during the height of my Ebay obsession, but the times I paid $45 for a Hellz shirt only to find it somewhere $10 cheaper, I wish I’d known about Karmaswap. I think it goes without saying that shopping for contemporary brands can be a bit on the expensive side, and in the past Ebay hasn’t made it any better on my poor bank account, but with the Karmaloop alternative you can rest a bit easy knowing you won’t have to pay $150 for that MOB track jacket you didn’t get to snag from last season.

3) It’s Hassle Free – You know how on Ebay there’s that whole bidding war thing you have to endure? You wait by your computer (or if you have shoppers OCD like me, by your phone) refreshing the page 10 million times a minute just WAITING for someone to outbid you so you can in turn outbid them, participating in this back and forth exchange for what seems like eons only to find some jackass nicknamed “CandyGirl348” has swooped down in the last 20 seconds to steal your beloved Jeremy Scott for Adidas winged high tops right from under you. Ebay’s bidding process makes you do things you wouldn’t do in normal circumstances. Like plot on people and make death threats. I’ve been through this several times, and yes, every single time I have spewed obscenities at my poor macbook and thrown a bonified temper tantrum. Karmaswap is so easy to use and navigate, when I tried it on for size I thought its usefulness was a joke. Gone are my days of sitting by my computer afraid to even pee because of my fear of being outbidded. With Karmaswap, if you want something its as easy as “add to bag”, and of you don’t like the price you can offer the seller a different one. Needless to say, since using Karmaswap my computer has been saved from those inevitable tongue lashings, and I’ve also saved a couple dollars on headache medicine.

Ebay is good for something, but it ain’t street wear. If I needed a new lense for my DSLR camera, cosmetics , or even those Burberry shoes I’ve been dreaming about, I know exactly where to look. But if you’re anything like me and are looking for new talent, or those old faithful street wear labels, don’t be a dummy – Karmaswap is where it’s at!

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