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Eatliz: Music Video Visual Fantasies!


Israeli band Eatliz made an international name for themselves thanks to their music videos for the singles "Hey" and "Attractive".

Music Videos. The oh-so-essential art form has entered a new era of uncertainty post-MTV, that has left most of the visual and music treats homeless, for the most part. Thankfully, the interwebs is picking up where traditional music programming channels left off and broadcasting these gems for all to see. Since they’ve found an interim home that reaches an infinite amount of eyes, music videos have significantly improved in quality and creativity in my opinion. We’ve seen everything from the likes of M.I.S.S. “We Got the Beat” feature Chairlift’s “Evident Utensil” to Dan Deacon’s “Paddling Ghosts” become online phenoms without seeing nearly one inch of mainstream traditional TV coverage. Thanks to the internet’s arms-wide-open acceptance of the art form, it seems that these days a good video can help an artist or group gain near instantaneous worldwide exposure!


Eatliz has been building a cult following in Israel for roughly 7 years now.

Case in point are the videos of Israeli alternative rock band Eatliz. The band, which has been performing in Israel for about 7 years collectively, has developed a strong cult following within their home country. When they released their debut album Violently Delicate in 2007, they decided to market themselves to an international fanbase by incoporating the video arts. The results were two award winning music videos that garnered the band a legion of world-wide fans, including one very impressive Spike Lee. Relying on 3D animation completed by Aiko Studio, the video for their first single “Hey” is a lush, visual fantasy land which takes a young girl on a wild series of adventures as she attempts to reunite with her pet toad. As strange as it may sound,  the video received over 70 recognitions at worldwide short film and music video festivals including the 1st prize at the prestigious Babelgum Competition, the winner of which is chosen by Spike Lee himself. The video for “Hey” is so successful because the imagery mirrors the song–Eatliz’s lead singer Lee’s intoxicating voice sings about the dangers and allures of “playing” as an adult, and the video captures a darkness associated with the taboo idea of what “playing” really means. The band also released an animated video for their second single, “Attractive”, which finally saw them hit MTV! In the last few years, they have touring across Israel continually, and singer Lee has been toiling away at a vintage shop she manages in her spare time. They hope to release new music in 201o, and we can only hope that we get a music video that’s just as inspiring as their past work!

Check out the videos here below and find out more about Eatliz on their myspace.

Hey– Eatliz

Attractive– Eatliz

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3 Responses to “Eatliz: Music Video Visual Fantasies!”

  1. Nili says:

    Wooow, really cool animations…
    I like the music also
    tnx for posting :)

  2. Light says:

    Wow they are awesome!

  3. Eatliz says:

    Tnx so much for writing about us, Gee!
    Eatliz debut album + Tracks from our new EP are for free download!
    Get it here



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