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Art Radar: 12.24.09




Don’t like your family? Do you not celebrate the born day of baby Jesus? Anti-holiday? Or do you need to catch a break from all the Holiday mayhem when your Grandma keeps getting your current boyfriend mixed up with one from many moons ago? Well we have just what you are looking for!

Zombie X-Mas at Pirate Cat Radio Presents:

Popcorn, Egg Nog, Hot Toddies and Zombies at Pirate Cat Radio Cafe

Six Sick Films featuring Zombies from around the world, from 12 Noon – 10pm


I Walked with a Zombie

Night of the Living Dead

Dawn of the Dead



Wild Zero

If I were in the SF area I would go, because I do like my family…in small doses.

Pirate Cat Radio

2781 21st Street

San Francisco, CA 94110



Hey my ladies and gents, but LADIES FIRST! Don’t have plans for NYE? Seriously think about this event, I’m not sure what the male to woman ratio will be or if there will be lookers (I say yes because of the “fixed gear heads”), just know that the following

D-Structure is synonymous with ‘art parties’, events, and fashion, though this NYE (sans confetti) will be superb, plus much more than your traditional toasting flutes of carbonated distilled beverages. We’re presenting you with entire audio-visual-physiological experience – destined to leave permanent impressions etched in your memory banks, and worthy of telling your unborn children about.

Right when you come in, treat yourself to our open bar sponsored by Natures Mistake. Then you’ll be titillated with a stimulating exhibition of custom designed toys from Project 218 – a collective of some of the most dynamic artists and illustrators in the field. Accompanying the exhibit, Sorrow UM will be store fronting his brush strokes on highly motivated canvases, Allee will be gift-giving to all of you bicycle & fixed gear heads, while TEEKO and Max Kane ( 4OneFunk / F.R.E.S.H. {Fresh Analog Music Experience}) violently rock you & yours with a GHETTOBLASTER from Nature’s Mistake.
All this for ten bucks! Come out, drink, be merry, and Dstruct your New Years!

520 Haight St San Francisco, CA



Artist/ gallery curator David “Netherland” van Alphen lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Though David’s family was from Holland, he was born in Toronto, and has been in Chicago for the last eight years. Being a child of the 70’s has influenced him greatly and is reflected in most of his work. Juxtaposing images, his color choices and the new modern context comes through his nostalgic imagery and helps to isolate and enhance them into a beautiful montage. David does not resize, photocopy or scan any of the images he uses. All images are cut directly from their original source and  and pieced together to keep each piece unique. David has shown at many galleries throughout the U.S. and sold out his first solo show in January 2008.

If interested, visit Alphen’s site Netherland Art for more art and online store.



“The basis of my work is speaking about the coldness and competitiveness present in people. I like to be ironic about individuality and death, and the paths in which to reach or escape these themes. I find it funny when I walk on the streets and see people with their eyes open but dead inside. This makes me think and wonder if I’m still alive.”

Visit Mr. Baglinone’s blogs:



Smart move Dime Piece! If you haven’t caught on quite yet, Dime Piece has switched mediums from apparel to canvanses. Luckily these won’t get that wear and tear of that apparel does. There are a total of 3, and prices range from $28-$55! All are hand signed and numbered out of 60. Very limited and very awesome. Wonder if these will be on sale on the Dime Piece site after the born day of baby Jesus???

Available now!


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Wishing you a prosperous and healthy year to come!

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