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Yestadt Millinery S/S 2010

Yestadt Millinery Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

Yestadt Millinery Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

It takes a brave woman to risk messing up her do’ (‘specially if you’re rockin’ a weave) and wear a hat! I’ve always been the type to walk on the wild side, which is probably why I’ve always worn a hat at least once a week or so since my younger years. At first it was mostly beanies, then of course the inevitable trucker hat trend. In college, I graduated to an off-centered fedora, and lately in my post-college years it’s been mostly a mix of porkpie style headgear and bowlers. Tres chic, right? The chicer my semi-adult wardrobe gets, the more on the hunt I am for hats that stand out, but in a non-goofy way. So, when I was introduced to New York based hat company Yestadt Millinery, it was pretty much love at first sight!

Yestadt Millinery's designs have already been featured in Marc Jacobs' and Ven Cavas' runway shows.

Yestadt Millinery's designs have already been featured in Marc Jacobs' and Ven Cavas' runway shows.

Whimsical and intelligent at the same time, Yestadt Millinery’s hats are made in a variety of materials and styles both feminine and masculine. In past collections, the brand has used miniature animals, rooster feathers, netting and other materials to create intricate hats that are unlike most others on the market. Their collections have already garnered attention from designers like Marc Jacobs and Vena Cava (both of which have featured Yestadt Millinery’s hats in their runway shows), and the hats are already selling out left and right at Anthropologie stores. What’s most unique about these hats is that each and every one is hand made in New York City.

The High-Ho cocktail hat

The "Hey Little" cocktail hat

For Spring/Summer 2010, Yestadt Millinery offers summery pieces that hint at an air of excitement, made of mostly durable straw (with a few felt and cloth hats thrown in for good measure). The line incorporates key trends–especially the wide-brim that has been fairly popular for at least a few seasons now, with hats such as the “Funny Face” (a wide-brimmed summer straw hat with a tassel and grosgrain ribbon) and the “Lina” (a wide-brimmed mylar straw hat accented with a navy blue pleated chiffon band). Also included is the cocktail hat, which is seeing a major revival right now – stand outs are the beautiful “High-Ho” (a straw cocktail hat with grosgrain ribbon and feather detailing) and the “Hey Little” (a unique cocktail headpiece accented with rooster feathers and veiling). The Spring/Summer 2010 collection also features a few go-to styles like the basic yet beautiful “Au Natural”, a simple fedora in fine natural straw with a simple gray linen ribbon.

The "Ruffles" turban is hand crafted in Brooklyn

The "Ruffles" turban is hand crafted in the Lower East Side of New York

Yestadt Millinery’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection has also managed to throw in a few wildcard pieces that pull of the most high-fashion of trends while still playing up a simpler aesthetic. My favorite by far is the “Ruffles”, a pleated turban in embroidered tonal linen so pretty I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t show up on the head of an Olsen this spring.

A funky straw beret good for casual wear and a night out.

A funky straw beret good for casual wear and a night out.

I seem to have found my soulmate in Yestadt Millinery, a brand that understands that sometimes, it’s a lot more than just your hair that makes your head look good. The brand handcrafts all of their pieces in Brooklyn, New York and will be unrolling the Spring/Summer collection to stores, including Anthropologie, come warmer weather. Check out Yestadt Millnery’s website, their blog and a further look at the collection below.

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  1. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    Fantastic! Good range for all sorts of looks and feels.

  2. That straw beret is pretty business.


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