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We Got The Beat: Adiam Dymott

Adiam Dymott

This 26 year old beauty hails from Stockholm but her parents come by way of Asmara, that capital city of Eritrea in Africa, if your’e wondering where she gets her unique look not usually found in Sweden. Adiam got her start as a receptionist at a record company and ended up spending more time in the studio than answering the phones. One thing led to the next and her self titled debut album on Razzia Records is filled with soulful pop melodies, heavy hip hop beats, and rock and roll. As a self proclaimed “MTV-child” she credits The Notorious B.I.G, Wu Tang Clan, Nirvana, and Garbage as early influences, not bad.

Adiam Dymott

Wasn’t it awesome when MTV played videos? The MTV kids today get weird dating shows and Heidi and Spencer, bummer. Back to Adiam. She’s got a full band which includes Thomas Rusiak, who produced the album and also plays the guitar, along with Harri, Mattias and Fredrik. Her brand of music is still very new, and I haven’t seen any tour dates released for the US but it will be interesting to see where her sound will go.

Adiam Dymott

Here is the video for “Miss You” her lead single

I like this one, “Memory Loss,” it’s got more of an indie sound with sweeter vocals. I wanted to get a live performance but the sound quality wasn’t there. Which sound do you prefer?

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