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“Wait Your Turn”: Rihanna Drops New Video

Rihanna drops the vid for her new single "Wait Your Turn"

Rihanna drops the vid for her new single "Wait Your Turn"

Little Miss Sunshine is back! Except, this time she’s really dark and donning an eye patch.

Embattled singer Rihanna is back with her first single since bouncing back from her summer scandal with Chris Brown, and has just released the video for “Wait Your Turn”. Decidedly darker than her previous fare, the clip features shots of the singer in gritty tunneled terrain, as well as on an overhead bridge, in a cathedral, and on a city rooftop. The girl gets around! Shot entirely in black and white, Rihanna’s mixes her signature fashion-model inspired poses and model walk with some tough-girl arm movement, as if she’s gunning for the camera. And, as always, her swag is on point. She’s rocking everything from a hooded Garreth Pugh-inspired ensemble to shredded jeans and a fur. And an EYE PATCH!! Only Rhi Rhi can get away with making an eye patch look so good… the girl is a fashion goddess!

Check out the video for “Wait Your Turn” below!

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2 Responses to ““Wait Your Turn”: Rihanna Drops New Video”

  1. Jenessa Jenessa says:

    this is even worse than “Russian Roulette” i couldnt get past a minute and a half of this song. i like her style. but that blond hair? oi. gee. i dunno. 😉

  2. Gee Gee says:

    hahaha you’re not too far off Jenessa! Note, I said she’s a “fashion goddess”, didn’t say much about the music…I can give props on the eye patch ONLY on this one 😉


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