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Trina Turk Showcases New “Pop Art” Collection

Trina Turk showcased her new “Pop Art” collection at her Los Angeles boutique Wednesday night, along with a new line of jewelry. Displayed among LA’s best dressed were, well, the best dresses for spring – even for winter if you can bear thin layers. Her boutique’s ceiling is covered with orbs for lighting, a perfect complement to the new collection, as well as to the store’s décor. Bright and bold prints donned the light dresses – some accented by embellishments – that are perfect underneath Turk’s heavier jackets, which are grandma-esque in material but still oh-so-chic in structure.

Trina Turk's Los Angeles boutique

Trina Turk's Los Angeles boutique

Spring is obviously just around the corner in fashion, since bathing suits, both single- and two-piece, were racked in the middle of the store, with cover-ups and scarves to match. And no outfit is complete without accessories; among the colorful scarves were large-framed sunglasses and vintage jewelry pieces. The rings were big, bright, and flashy, some were kept plain with huge gems, while others were embedded with sparkle in the enamel. The necklaces were geometrics on chains, with earrings to match – circles and squares hung from mannequins’ necks and donned the jewelry case.

Trina Turk showcased her new line, including accessories

Trina Turk showcased her new line, including accessories

10% of the night’s proceeds went to Gen Art, the organization showcasing the new collection, and minimum purchases received complimentary scarves. Check out Trina Turk’s clothes and jewelry before the spring arrives and the goods are gone.

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