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Tommy Hilfiger Holiday 2009 Giftables

Reversible Office Party Tie - Available Side

Reversible Office Party Tie - Available Side

I know it’s a little bit annoying to be talking about christmas gifts when halloween was just this past weekend, and we haven’t even hit the greatness of thanksiving gravy, buuuut….it’s never to early to get a jump on at least thinking about what you plan to gift. Especially if you’re worried that the things you want might be hot ticket items, and sell out quick. So the good people at Tommy Hilfiger invited me down to come check out their Holiday 2009 Giftables collection, and everything in the collection aside from one super rare piece will be under $100.

We see the usual gifts like hats, gloves, luggage tags and such, but there are a couple of cute items in there that really stood out.

  • The Office Party Tie, is a dual sided tie, featuring two different holiday colored plaids, but the kicker is, one side is embroidered with the word Available and the other side Unavailable, so when you get wasted at your company holiday party, you can either advertise yourself as taken or ready to hook up in the bubbly champagne haze.
  • The Good Riddance 2009 flask ought to help hide some necessary imbibing in 2010. It’s been a rough year. Whether you’re looking to sneak some liq into the movies to make it a little more enjoyable, or save a little at the bar cuz you’re broke, a flask is a good way to go.
  • The New Years Kit comes equipped with the your essentials like visine, and to get you through a raucous New Years Eve, and the next day. Be sure to stash some Emergen-C and a pair of undies in there if you’re not planning on sleeping at your own place, ya heard?!
  • The Chrismakwanzaakkah Scarf is lettin everybody know you appreciate all of the end of the year holidays. I think they forgot Festivus though. You can’t forget about the pole!
  • And finally, the only giftable that is not under $100 is the super limited edition Tommy Hilfiger Figure Skates. All leather, performance figure skates just like you’d buy at your local rink or sporting goods store, but like, prettier. Only 10 pairs of these skates have been produced, and they will only be available at the Tommy Hilfiger Global Flagship store on 5th Ave in New York City.
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