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There’s No Place Like China Glaze

The Wizard of Oh Ahz

The Wizard of Oh Ahz

China Glaze is re-releasing their “Wizard of Oh Ahz” collection just in time for the Holiday party season, and these are not Auntie Em’s colors. Inspired by the Technicolor romp to the Emerald City, this collection is similar to the original, released in 2001, but with more glitz. The glittery shades are the perfect way to ensure that your mani-pedi game is sewn shut for those  Holiday parties we all have to attend next month. This way when those co-workers you don’t like mingle in your direction for small talk, all you have to do is look at your nails, click your heels three times, and say “There’s no place like home.”

Colors from left to right:

  • Ruby Pumps- Classic red glitter. There’s no need to go home too early when your nails look this sexy.
  • Cowardly Lyin’-Gold frost with specs of gold micro glitter. Think 14k gold for your nails.
  • The Ten Men-Silver frost with specs of micro silver glitter. Imagine the Tin Man is not made of tin, but the same chrome as a rapper’s  rims and is then distilled into a nail polish.
  • Dorothy Who?-Blue polish with tons of silver and blue glitter. We are definitely not in Kansas anymore.
  • C-C-Courage-Purple frost with specs of purple micro glitter. A purple befitting the king of the jungle.
  • Good Witch-Pink frost with specs of pink micro glitter. Sugary sweet, this take on Glenda’s iconic dress will surely bring out your inner prom queen.

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One Response to “There’s No Place Like China Glaze”

  1. Teresa says:

    Yes, I love China Glaze! They have the best colors and are affordable as well. Might have to pick myself up a set!


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