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The World According to M.I.S.S. First Lady Launches Mentoring Program for Young Girls

First Lady Michelle Obama creates a year long mentoring program for high school students

First Lady Michelle Obama creates a year long mentoring program for high school students

First Lady Michelle Obama hasn’t officially taken to any cause within her husbands administration, but unofficially it seems as though she has her hands in numerous pots. While the President fights for health care and contemplates sending more of our troops to Afghanistan, Mrs. Obama is focusing her work wholly on service, by catering to the well being of military families, and announcing the launch of a brand new year long mentoring program for girls living in the neighborhoods surrounding the White House.

“We thought, what can we do to make the White House different, to make kids in our own new neighborhood know that the White House is a place for them?” she said.

Michelle Obama Mentoring 2

Mrs. Obama has stated that she's an advocate for mentoring

This past Monday, the 13 chosen students gathered in the State Dining room  to meet the White House staff members that will serve as their mentors; women such as domestic policy adviser Valerie Jarrett, the First Lady’s Chief of Staff Susan Sher, and social secretary Desiree Rogers. The young girls, who where hand picked by their principals, will be mentored by these women on a variety of important topics among them financial literacy, careers, college, and health and fitness. Mrs. Obama has stated numerous times that she’s an advocate for mentoring, stating she became interested in it’s power while she was a corporate lawyer in Chicago. In fact, that’s the way her and the President met, through a mentoring program at the law firm they both worked for.

Her voice cracking with emotion, Mrs. Obama said the program was started to let local kids “know that the president of the United States hears you and values you and cares about your growth and development.”

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