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The Link List: 11.6.09


Click clack paddywhack it’s time to check the link list!

♥♥ CHARO COVERING RIHANNA. Did you hear me?! CHARO! COVERING RIHANNA!!  How did I miss this? I just exploded.

♥♥ Have you ever seen a bear with no fur? It’s really sad and kinda scary. My friend described it as “humans wearing outfits made out of leather scrotum garbage bags” via This Is Freaking Rediculous.

♥♥ A drunk frenchman shows us how to open a bottle of wine with a shoe.

♥♥ If this ain’t special, I don’t know what is. Artist J. David McKenney has a pinup girl tattoo on his arm, and from time to time he dresses her up.

♥♥ I know it’s mad toy, and kinda corny, but you gotta admit this digital graffiti and stencils wall looks like fuuun.

♥♥ And while we’re on the topic of graffiti…no, Chris Brown. No. Anti. Take your bionic spray arm, your dance tights and your cartoon characters back to anger managment therapy. Somebody is misguiding you. via Animal NY.

♥♥ When I’m feeling sad, I just visit this old post on Videogum of Mark Wahlberg’s atrocious acting in the movie The Happening, and everything is better.

♥♥ For the best in what celebs are twitter twattering, check out Tweet Beat on Jezebel.

♥♥ Downloady Jodie: Big Urban – Your Mother Is A Hipster via Radiobelly //The Music Ninja’s November Playlist, featuring Speech Debelle, Wale, and White Panda// CARL SAGAN & STEPHEN HAWKING – Glorious Dawn (Cosmos Remixed) via The Stu Reid Experiment.

♥♥ First we had Bijules’ finger nail ring. Now we have Delfina Delettrez’s finger ring. Like, full finger. Of a finger. For your finger. And it comes with nail polish. Via

♥♥ Speaking of nails, Vice talks to Molly Surno, photographer about her three years shooting nails did in Brooklyn nails salons.

♥♥ Super cute cassette tape notebooks by Wednesday Garden even come in cassette cases via Designboom.

♥♥ Thou shalt remove your makeup at night  – The 10 commandments of beauty from editors at Fashion.Style.Beauty.

♥♥ The haps on a mexican themed Levi’s collabo with pro skater Tommy Guerrero via Signature9.

♥♥ In the right hands, straws aren’t just for drinking. Artist Scott Jarvie made a chair out of 10,000 drinking straws via Juxtapoz.

♥♥ Did you know Kimora Lee Simmons was doing a line with Hello Kitty? The Lipstick Diaries didn’t, and drops the haps on a horoscope collection.

♥♥ So that Kate Moss for Topshop Kimono dress sold out the first day. You can go across the street to Pearl River Market, pick up a robe, watch this DIY video from Cheap JAP, and make one your damn self, if you’re so inclined.

♥♥ Stuart Weitzman Spring 2010 jellies on Accessories Source.

♥♥ Highsnobette has a preview of Alexander Wang’s Spring 2010 Accessories

♥♥ Kinda in love with this crazy rainbow horse jacket on Crazy Jackets. It’s so planet unicorn, I’m going to go eat an ambrosia salad.

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4 Responses to “The Link List: 11.6.09”

  1. Gabriella GDK says:

    That Charo video made MY LIFE.

  2. totally! when she coochie coo’s jerry lewis is too freaking great.

  3. Dee dee says:

    things i need to know in order to survive: how to open a bottle of wine with my shoe.

    thanks kim! lol

  4. It works on a tree trunk too, and you don’t even need the shoe!


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