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The Link List: 11.30.09


Twenty plus one equals twenty one. That’s how many links are here today.  Clack em up.

♥♥ This guy loves boobs so much, he got nipples tattooed on his butt. Gotta wonder what his cup size is.

♥♥ We now know what that hideous amazing picture Diplo twitpic’ed a few weeks back was. A still from the Eric Warehiem directed video for Major Lazer featuring Nina Sky – Keep It Going Louder. Watch it.

♥♥ This surprised and ticklish kitten is probably the cutest thing on the planet right now.

♥♥ Mini Pigs are so hot right now. This one, Thimble plays the piano. You know you want it. via Urlesque.

♥♥ You know what else is hot right now? Flowcharts.

♥♥ Threadbanger has the easy peasy lace graffiti DIY for the home.

♥♥ Chic Steals does a carazy ill DIY of the Christian Louboutin for Rodarte spiked platform stilettos. Step up your game.

♥♥ I always wish my laundry smelled like doughnuts, or fresh bread or something else yummy. To hell with florals. Also, to hell with icky envelope gum. Now,  thanks to Mmmvelopes, you can lick the Bacon. (Not Kevin.)

♥♥ Ever lie on a resume? Watch yourself. Patricia Field and company busted this trick ass buster for fronting, and put him on blast.

♥♥ I make fun of Justin Beiber all of the time cuz he sounds like a girl, and has hair like a lesbian contestant on Top Chef, but I saw him and Usher kick it with Ellen, he beat boxes and bangs a guitar like that kid in August Rush, and I can’t help but to sing along to “One Time”. He’s turning me. College Candy knows what I mean.

♥♥ Check out how Kaws has taken over the NYC branch of Kiehls for their limited edition moisturizer collaboration via The Art Collectors.

♥♥ Bobby Hundreds took a trip to the Delorean Factory. Unfortunately, they way he went, they still needed roads.

♥♥ High Snobiety put us on to these crazy JC de Castelbajac Lego New Era Hats.

♥♥ And Designboom has the haps on a pretty unique Lego and Muji collaboration that combines the iconic snap toys and paper.

♥♥ Gizmodo shows us that these paintless Coca Cola cans look cool, and would save money and the planet one pop at a time.

♥♥ Jezebel tears apart Female Force, the biographical Oprah Winfrey comic book.

♥♥ Ladies Lotto interviews Mitra Khayyam, owner of Blood Is The New Black.

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