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Six Degrees of Sampling #2

Kanye West meets Etta James

Kanye West meets Etta James

“You make me smile with my heart…”

What happens when a jazz legend meets a hip-hop artist/producer?

The song “My Funny Valentine” was recorded on over 1,300 albums and performed by over 600 artists.   However, it was Etta James’ rendition appearing on the 1995 album Time After Time that Kanye West chose to sample for his song  “Addiction” – which was on his 2005 album Late Registration. While both songs tackle clearly different subject matters, they have both become fan favorites. I have love and respect for each song; I can’t pick a favorite. Do you have a favorite version?

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One Response to “Six Degrees of Sampling #2”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    As much as I’m iffy about Kanye… can’t knock this sample! A classic…


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