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She’s Crafty: DIY Convertible Chain Jewelry

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This week’s She’s Crafty comes from my friend Pandora Amoratis. She’s a freelance stylist who makes jewelry and currently works with OK! Magazine, and in addition publishes her own blog, Accessories Source that features regular sneak peeks that she gets while she’s out in the market, doing what she does best. So let’s take a look at what’s in Pandora’s jewelry box! *imaginary creaking noise*

With rocker chic being such a fashion fixture, I wanted to capture the trend with an edgy multi-chain accessory. I got my inspiration from a designer piece (but its $200 price tag wasn’t very rockin’) so I whipped up my own cheaper version. This is going to be just about the easiest piece of jewelry you’ll ever make. Added bonus: You can wear it three different ways – as a lariat necklace, choker, and bracelet.

Tools you’ll need:

  • 5 or more strands of chain (1 yard each)
  • 1 magnetic chain strand (most common magnetic metals are iron, nickel, cobalt)
  • 1 small, very strong magnet (dime size)
Chain Chain Chaiiiins...

Chain Chain Chaiiiins...

Mini Magnet

Mini Magnet

For this piece I wanted to mix my metals so I purchased 2 gold color chains and 3 silver. I chose a few basic links and picked the rest based upon texture – the variety adds dimension and interest to the overall design.

Step 1:
Lay the chains out flat and stagger them so that the ends are uneven.

Lay Out Your Chains

Lay Out Your Chains

Step 2:
Knot both ends about 5 inches from the bottom of the longest strand.

Knot Your Chains

Knot Your Chains

Knotted Chains Up Close

Knotted Chains Up Close

Step 3:
You’re done, no joke!

Wrap it around your neck once to wear it as a lariat. Put the magnet just below both knots to hold the two sides together.

Wear It Lariat Style

Wear It Lariat Style

Wrap it around your neck twice for a choker, with the magnet at the bottom of both knots.

Wear It Like A Choker

Wear It Like A Choker

Wrap it around your wrist three times for a bracelet, placing the magnet at the top of each knot.

Wear It As A Bracelet!

Wear It As A Bracelet!

Rock on!

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14 Responses to “She’s Crafty: DIY Convertible Chain Jewelry”

  1. Melanie says:

    Love this idea! Will definitely try it! (and will post link on my blog).

  2. Justine says:

    Thank you! I have been wanting to buy a chain strands necklace but they are all too pricey for what they are.

  3. Meg says:

    I love this idea!! I’m going to have to try it out for the upcoming weekend festivities. Thanks!

  4. Maya says:

    this is amazing – i love this look!!

  5. Kristen says:

    I can’t wait to make one of these versatile and stylish peices.

  6. Fi Figueroa says:

    Ah! I’ve always been meaning to find a necklace like this, but HELL I CAN MAKE IT!! hahahaha thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Rachel says:

    This is so fantastic! I would love to link to this if you didn’t mind. I just clicked over from the IFB link list.

  8. I love this idea! The first thing I thought of was wrapping it to wear around a pair of pumps or boots. I just wonder how well does the magnet keep it all together.

  9. JoJo says:

    This is a great blog- I love the ideas & most of all the versatility! Very cool!

  10. Jackie says:

    I love this! It looks so expensive, but isn’t. Such a beautiful thing. I am going to try to make these for gifts! I love Accessories Source!

  11. maya says:

    thank you for introducing me to accessory source!!

  12. Into the past where craftsmanship and dedication first lifted an idea from paper to reality to notoriety, and into the future where a newly positioned sport and lifestyle brand—young at heart and with an attitude born of possibility—has already found a place with those in the know.

  13. Becka says:

    Styliish 😀

  14. dana phernetton says:

    Pandora you have awesome ideas!!! Still the fashion Diva!


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