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Reminisce With M.I.S.S.: Heavy D.

The overweight lover's in the haowwse!

The overweight lover's in the haowwse!

Heavy D., AKA “The Overweight Lover Heavy D”, AKA Dwight Errington Myers has enjoyed a steady stream of work in the entertainment industry for practically his whole career. That’s a pretty impressive feat, considering how fickle the public is. One could say he represents an artist who has a “moderately successful” career in the music industry – They are never “mega-stars” – but they are working artists.

Heavy D. was quite a colorful character

Heavy D. was quite a colorful character

I remember Heavy D always being in bright primary colors or patterns made of silk with bold stripes or polka-dots all over the place. Whenever I would see a video with him in it, the dancing would be on point. There is no lack of spunk in Heavy’s step, and he is surprisingly light on his feet for someone who was close to 250 pounds. Heavy was ALWAYS smiling, and although he was a crossover artist, he managed to avoid the rants from rap fans that claimed that New Jack Swing was too soft – even though some of Heavy’s music was produced by New Jack Swing producer Teddy Riley.

"Now that we found love what are we gonna dooo/With ittttt?"

"Now that we found love what are we gonna dooo/With ittttt?"

Heavy D was born in Jamaica and moved to Mount Vernon, NY in 1967. Heavy started making rap demo tapes at age 8, and he formed the group “The Boyz” with high school with classmates DJ Eddie F (Eddie Ferrell), Trouble R-Toy (Troy Dixon). Heavy D and The Boyz were the first artists to sign with Uptown Records, Andre Harrell’s brand new label, and they released their debut album Living Large in 1987 (Wikipedia). Their first single was “Mr. Big Stuff”, and the video for the song portrayed Heavy D to be a little tougher than he was later in his career. Other video favorites of mine include “The Overweight Lover’s in the House”, more of a big dude dancing in shorts on “Somebody for Me”, “Is It Good to You”, “Now That We Found Love”, and “Nuttin’ But Love”.

Some more recent pics of Heavy (with Talib Kweli and Common on left)

Some more recent pics of Heavy (with Talib Kweli and Common on left)

Heavy D was also acting around the same time he was pursuing a career in music. He appeared in the shows Living Single, A Different World, and in the movies Cider House Rules and Life, among other projects (Wikipedia).

I miss the days when it was acceptable for chubby men to wear Skittles colors and do actual DANCE STEPS.

    Fun & Heavy Facts

*Heavy did the theme song for the comedy/variety show In Living Color. How Ya Livin’?
*Member of The Boyz “Trouble T-Roy” (Troy Dixon) was killed in an accident in 1990. Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth’s song “They Reminisce Over You (T.O.N.Y.)” was a tribute to Troy.
* Heavy D played a bouncer in the music video for Notorious B.I.G.’s “One More Chance”. Biggie also mentioned the rapper in the sing “Juicy”. (Wikipedia).
*At one point Heavy D was the Vice-President of A&R at Uptown.


Michael Jackson’s “Jam” featuring Heavy D around the 3:45 mark.

Heavy D. in Janet Jackson’s “Alright”

Heavy D’s “Don’t Curse”

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