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Reading Is Sexy: “Closet Confidential, Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way”

Closet Confidential

Closet Confidential

I recently received a copy of Closet Confidential, Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way, by Winona Diemo-Ediger.  Creator of, the blogger-turned-author shares her style secrets.  From a denim fit guide to color charts and an A-Z of shoe styles, Diemo-Ediger breaks down fashion for style novices and aficionados alike. Closet Confidential was an entertaining read and is a great reference for anyone who is cleaning out their closets, trying to rebuild a solid wardrobe or just likes to read about fashion.

Diemo-Ediger gives sage advice though I do disagree with her about her view on sneakers:  “[O]ne footwear scenario for which I have significantly less patience is when athletic shoes are worn outside of an exercise situation…I mourn the adorable outfits that have been marred by out-of-context sneakers.”  Clearly this book was not written with the sneaker-head in mind, nor is Diemo-Ediger familiar with sneakers that are meant to be worn outside the exercise context.  That said, the book was definitely a quick, fun read because even though you may not agree with everything Diemo-Ediger says, you will definitely have a laugh at her witty remarks.

Closet Confidential is on sale now at and retails for $18.95.

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