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PLOT Jewelry – Data You Wear

Plot Jewelry: Gold

Plot Jewelry, Gold - "This necklace tells the story of the price of gold over the last 30 years."

The jewelry collection “Plot” is unlike any jewelry collection out there. It’s takes charted data from large economies and their commodity prices and uses them as designs in resin pendants.  The commodities charted – lead, gold, silver, and oil – are also the materials used to create the jewelry, which is handcrafted in London by designer Hannah Havana.

You wouldn’t think line and area graphs as beautiful if you saw them in your usual Excel presentation but Lisa Prince did. Lisa, a planner at creative communications agency Wieden + Kennedy in London, along with the agency’s senior art director Nicholla Longley, came up with the idea to turn the simple data into wearable art. The mission statement is simple: Data is beautiful.

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