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Pillow Talk with Baby Claws: New Claw Money

CLAWmoney Bear Claw Pillows

CLAWmoney Bear Claw Pillows in 'Hollywood' and 'Newsprint'

New CLAW merchandise just in time for the Holidays!   I really wish I had Day bed like I did in the early 90’s.  Just picture it,  a black metal framed day bed with all of these new CLAWmoney pillows up on it. These pillows are handmade in New York from assorted, awesomely cool vintage fabrics, and duh- they’re in the shape of the infamous Claw icon. Street cred up your apartment for the holidays – a very hot house wear item if you ask us.  Pillows are a lot bigger than they appear to be: 26in x 19in! Good news right?


CLAWmoney Baby Onsies in 'Teddy' and 'Claw'

Knocked up? Going half on a baby? Know someone who’s trying? Well you, or that someone is just in luck. New CLAWmoney onsies for the little cuties in the world. Oh sweet lord this kid is cute!  His name is Ranen and he thinks he is wearing the latest and greatest, and – he is right! Why should we get all the cool stuff just because they can’t really shop yet? Purchases can be made at

Tear through the gallery for additional pillows and onsie styles:

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