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Nude Dudes Remixed: “I Brought You A Present”

I Brought You A Present

I Brought You A Present

M.I.S.S.’ very own Woman Making History honoree: Kim “The Hotstepper” Jefferson has a crazy silly art project. It’s called “I Brought You A Present “.

Here’s what Kim had to say about her newest project:

While going through a deck of nude male playing cards that came with a bachelorette party kit that my friend purchased, I was taken by the ridiculousness of the models poses, the presentation of their genitals, and the seriousness of it all on their faces. I began to imagine that instead of  exposing their genitals, they were instead presenting a gift of some sort. A present.

So I got 12 female artists (13 including myself) together, and made my dreams come true. They each decorated 4 cards as they saw fit so that each model is presenting his gift, instead of his genitals. These cards are now being revealed 1 a day on the website, until Christmas day.

The artists involved are Denise Kupferschmidt, Emily Flake, Andrea Breitman, Adriana Yugovich, Eleanor Gerber-Siff, Kim Moloney, Heather MacLean, Desboobs, Amy Rauner, Queen Andrea, Gali Erez, Martina Fugazzotto, and myself.

The joker cards, and the 5’s in the series are by me. The others are by the rest of the gals. If you go to the site and hover over any image it will tell you who it’s by, and link to their website.

I Brought You A Present

I Brought You A Present

I cannot disagree with Kim, these dudes have that stone cold seriousness that they mean nothing less than business time. Something about a dude with his thangthang out in a magazine or picture with that “come here kitty” face will always make me giggle. Who could take it seriously?  Which ones are your personal favorites? Now I’m wondering what packages these guys really got to give.  That’s  just because I’m curious, don’t front you are too.
So stay tuned to see what the ladies,  I mean fellas have for us ’til Christmas. What a present!

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