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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: The Very Special Leica M7 Hermes

The Leica M7 Hermes is one very special limited edition camera

The Leica M7 Hermes is one very special limited edition camera

At last!  A camera more beautiful than the all white Special Edition Leica M8 that I can spend my future children’s college savings fund on!  Collaborating with parent company Hermes, Leica has dropped another stupid expensive camera in the form of the M7 Hermes Very Special Limited Edition.  For a mere 8550, or almost $14,400 (the price of a used Honda Civic) you can be the proud owner of either an orange or etoupe (read: brown), silver chrome and calfskin leather adorned 35mm film camera.  Beyond that, that original design of the camera hasn’t been fiddled with too much; there’s just been a few color details changed around to match sure everything matches perfectly.  Features wise the M7 includes a Leica SUMMILUX-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. wide-angle lens, lens hood, and LEICAVIT M winder.  And lest you think the camera might get scuffed up while traveling in your purse, Leica thoughtfully included a matching carrying case.

Only 200 of these will be available in the UK starting in December.  I expect to see one in my stocking this Christmas.

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