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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: Alkr Urban Protection Sleeves


Oy!  Govnuh!  Coming straight out of the UK is Alkr, an upstart MacBook and iPod accessory maker looking to make you totally forget about Incase and their lovely array of never ending collaborations.  Alkr operates under two principles:  the sleeves that protect our gear should be built standards as the gear itself, and the stuff that protects our gear should be fun, cheer you up, and should make travel a tad bit easier.  Guided by these principles, the company just launched  its first collection of Urban Protection Sleeves for just about every MacBook variety under the sun.  Each sleeve features soft, cushioned, fleece lined interior and form fitting 3mm neoprene construction, and  they’re all  available in an array of  eye-catching color combinations.  Those in the UK can purchase these exclusively at The Hideout, The Glade, and Oi Polloi while the rest of us will have to settle for ordering from Alkr’s online store.  Sleeves run for €30,00, roughly $45.

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