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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: Wishing You a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

Mmmm, delicious and nutritious!

Mmmm, delicious and nutritious!

Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, this is a great time to gather around the dinner table and be thankful for your friends, family, and your health.  Hopefully, none of what you’re grubbin’ on will make you regret celebrating such a festive occasion, canceling out the thankfulness of it all as your extra weight equals exactly how much you ate.  Where else is a 10-pound turkey and all the trimmings going to go?  But no need to stop “cold turkey” and eat rice cakes while everyone else is digging in.  Instead, with a little will power, you can still taste all of the fall flavors and be thankful that instead of spending time after dinner in a food coma, the food you ate gave you enough energy to wash ALL the dishes…and then some.  Your mama will be thankful for that!

So what can you do to have a healthy Thanksgiving?  Try out these tips and you’ll be thankful you read this first before diving into your dinner:

  • Don’t go hungry.  You might want to starve yourself all day so you can have more room for dessert.  You can still have a tasty meal and have dessert.  Have a light breakfast and lunch so that you won’t overeat at dinnertime and have no appetite for pie.
  • Set up a buffet station.  Don’t pack the dinner table with every dish because having the food within close reach could be a bad idea.  Instead, set up a buffet so that food just won’t keep filling up your plate as you fill up on conversation.  That way, you’ll have to get up and get what you need, giving you an extra moment to think if you really do need that second, or third, helping.
  • Go for the white meat.  The huge drumstick might be your favorite part, but white meat is leaner, and just as good.
  • Go for the brown breads.  If you need some bread with your meal, make sure that you choose whole wheat breads that contain more fiber than white breads.  You’re going to need that fiber to clean out your system after this meal!
  • Make a colorful plate.  Vary your vegetables and fruits so that your plate has a rainbow of colors.  You’ll get more vitamins that way and it’s always appealing to see splashes of color that will splash your palate.
  • Don’t can the cranberries.  Try to make cranberry sauce from scratch.  It won’t have other unnatural ingredients in it that can deter the antioxidant effects, and it tastes better than anything that comes out of a can.
  • Make oldies into goodies.  Turn old favorites into new healthier meals.  Boil sweet potatoes and mix with cinnamon and maple syrup instead of the old-fashioned marshmallow casserole.  Or, make herb mashed potatoes instead of topping with fatty gravy.  You might just like the healthier versions better!
  • Pass the pumpkin pie.  Usually, a good Thanksgiving dinner ends with an even better pumpkin pie.  Treat yourself to one slice and savor eat  bite.  Pumpkins are, after all, packed with Vitamin A, even if the pie is packed with sugar.  But please, pass on another slice because just one piece is enough.

M.I.S.S. wishes you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.  We’re thankful that you’re stopping here to get your daily goodies and hope that you’ll continue to make healthy choices as you read these weekly healthy bites.

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