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M.I.S.S. Healthy Bites: It’s Dance! It’s Fitness! It’s ZUMBA!!

Zumba your way into a healthy body!

Zumba your way into a healthy body!

As the days grow shorter and a chill bites the night, you may find yourself indoors most of the time cuddling in your Snuggie….and going back and forth to the fridge.  Even if you had a healthy Thanksgiving, the yummy leftovers could be calling your name more often than you would like.  Yes, it’s hibernation season, but sorry, we’re not squirrels fattening ourselves up for the cold winter.  We need to get moving and work our bodies out!  No, the all-day Black Friday shopping spree doesn’t quite count as enough physical activity to balance out all of the feastings from the day before, and even if you partied it up on Saturday night, your body still wants more.  Don’t wait until the new year to buy that gym membership and start your workout regimen, because fitness parties are sprouting up everywhere in the form of ZUMBA.

Working out should be fun and exciting, and sometimes, going to the gym equals either waiting half of the time for a machine or getting gawked at by meatheads.  If you’re like most of the people I know, you’re even paying for a monthly membership and going only twice a year!  Since it’s getting colder, the outdoor workouts may not be your cup of tea, because you may just want a cup of coffee instead to warm you up.  Remember, eating healthy is only part of the healthy equation.  If you want your body to look good, you’ve got it use it!

Zumba, a dance-based fitness program, will use your whole body, making you sweat like you’re dancing all night in the club.  The Latin sounds and movements of salsa, merengue, and even reggaeton will keep you energized for the hour-long classes, and when it’s over, you won’t even feel like you were working out, just getting your groove on!  You won’t find hip gyrations and booty-shakin’ like this in just any old aerobics class!  The classes are fun, engaging, and great for anyone, believe me.  No rhythm is required,  just confidence and a desire to feel sexy and smooth as you dance your calories away.  I’ve been to high impact aerobics classes at the gym where the instructors seem more like pop group choreographers than anything, and that kind of workout is not only intimidating, but discouraging.  With Zumba, the instructors are inclusive to all, encouraging you to release your inner fire and work towards a hot and healthy bod.

The locations, prices, and dates vary with the instructors, all who have their own teaching style.  The best part is that it’s quite affordable to participate, ranging from $5-10 a class, which is way cheaper than hitting the dancefloor and buying a few drinks.  With Zumba, you won’t need any alcohol to get your blood flowing!  And…there’s no feeling of obligation because you pay as you go.  I have a feeling though, that once you start, you may want to get your groove on once, if not twice, every week!

Ready to join the party?  Check out the Zumba website for locations and more information about the history.  Not ready to shake your thing in front of others?  Check out the Zumba DVDs and try it out at home.  If you’re all ready to go, make sure you bring lots of water, because you’ll be needing it!

Already going to Zumba?  Let us know what you think about it because I’ll admit, I love it!

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