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Lutz Spring Summer 2010

Lutz SS10 Ready to Wear collection

German born fashion designer Lutz Huella, the man behind of Lutz, has been creating amazing women’s wear since 2000. Now based in France, Lutz shows us what he has to offer for his latest ready-to-wear SS10 collection. Famous for turning garments into wearable, yet beautifully constructed pieces by cutting and assembling each article of clothing, Lutz has brought his trademark style back for SS10.

Monochrome, pleats, and folds

Monochrome, pleats, and folds

Lutz turns your conventional shirt, blouse and waistcoat into an item of haute couture with its premeditated placed pleats and careful folds within each item. The colour scheme across the ready to wear collection is monochrome. The use of only black and white brings the attention back towards the constructions and details of the garments, rather than through the uses of bold colours or ghastly prints. The structure of each garment is simplistic, in a way the lines and folds formed within the clothing has given the collection an aesthetic feel, reminiscent of paper folding within origami.

Cuts, Slash, Drapes

The draped, pleated and folded materials used within Lutz SS10 collection helps constructs linear silhouettes, a theme which is recurring through each garment. The choice of material is effective in creating these rigid, almost paper-like shapes to give the collection a more structured and powerful essence. Many of the dresses within Lutz Huella’s latest collection have a Grecian feel – with the use of the light materials being draped across the female form – making the dress fall and layer effortlessly. The slight slashing and cuts around the waist and chest seen on some of the dresses, along with the ripples created by the pleats, makes each piece subtly sexy.

Head over to NY Magazine for a more detailed look at all the pieces from Lutz SS10 collection, and be on the look out for the launch of Lutz official website!

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