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Losing a Legend: Oprah Officially Retires!

BREAKING: Oprah Retires!!

Oprah Retires!! The talk show titan will quit her show in 2011.

OK, I’m sure you’ve all heard this by now, but let’s take a moment to revisit and mourn the saddest news I’ve heard since hearing that Sarah Palin was going to be a guest on her show: OPRAH WINFREY IS OFFICIALLY RETIRING!!

Oh, lawdie! On Friday, November 20th, the Queen of Daytime Talk Shows–and the world, for that matter– officially announced on her show that her current season, which will run through 2011, will be her last. Oprah has been on the air since 1986 and her show has been the highest rated daytime talk show for over 23 consecutive seasons, watched by an estimated 42 million viewers across America each week. Now one of the wealthiest women in the world, Oprah made her way from a much fabled background that included poverty and abuse. Her open, personal approach to everything from interviews with celebrities, to her weight has made her one of the most culturally identifiable figures in the free world.

Over the years, The Oprah Show has done it all: busting lying authors, free-car-give-aways, championing breast cancer charities, reporting on child schizos, mediating the craziness of a couch jumper (shoutout to Suri C!), and puttin’ on a little guy called Dr. Phil. The woman is basically the modern media equivalent of Jesus, except instead of that whole water/wine stuff, she turns self-confessed couch potato housewives into book-reading savants. A bit of a stretch, maybe, but it’s pretty serious.

This is why I’m super bummed that her show is ending! I know 2011 seems like a far ways off, but when 4 PM has been defined by the pop culture machine that is Oprah Winfrey since before you were born, how can I be anything less?! Although you may not necessarily agree with her world view on things, it’s hard to deny that Oprah has made a tangible impact, especially with the American female population. She has inspired women to dream beyond their means and work hard to achieve their goals. Simple, but if she can do it, I think almost anyone can. We’ve laughed with her, dieted with her, cried with her, walked marathons with her, traveled cross country with her, and now, we’ll take the 18-month ride with her all the way to the end of the road–her last show. And, if you can make it to that day, I promise there will be a silver lining to the dark cloud, and if Oprah taught me anything it’s dream big, damnit! So here’s to hoping that the silver lining is FREE CARDIGANS FOR EVERYONE IN THE AUDIENCEEEEEEEEEEE WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!

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  1. BLB BLB says:

    um, I just cried with Oprah while sitting in the cafe :(…


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