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Le Sang des Betes Lament SS10

Le Sang Des Betes

I checked out Le Sang des Betes a while back courtesy of Dietch PR, and now these beautiful pieces are in a lookbook. The line was created by designer Trang Chau, and according to her website, “Her inspiration for Le Sang Des Betes comes from both Gothic and modern architecture and the films of Rainer Werner Fassbinder and David Cronenberg.”

This brand is made up of pieces that have a sort of “loose structure” – they are flowy, yet retain feminine qualities without looking too boxy. The pieces that can be layered easily, but they are all striking enough to hold up an outfit on their own. Favorites include the choppy Chopin white denim vest, the Flaubert black and white denim tie-dye jackst, and the Hugo black silk shorts with built-in cumberbund. Cumberbunds look better on women anyway!

To get a closer view of the looks, please visit the Le Sang des Betes website.

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One Response to “Le Sang des Betes Lament SS10”

  1. Barbara says:

    This collection also looks comfy.


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