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Kid Sister LIVE at MTV Studios

Kid Sister LIVE at MTV Studios

Thank goodness for boredom, because my extreme boredom last week led me to troll all the people I follow on Twitter on my BlackBerry. The newest tweet that popped up at the time was by @KidSisterMelisa (Downtown/Fool’s Gold recording artist), and she said:

KidSisterMelisa Suuper special private performance at MTV tmrw in NY. wanna come?, holler w/ yr full legal name + the first 10 ppl to reply can come +1! XO

I responded immediately and then got the following message:

@Absquatulation U WON CUTIE! Come to 1515 B’way @ 45th St. 24th Floor @ 1pm

SEE, TWITTER HATERS!!!! Tweets are not always just full of “self-indulgent garbage”! I’ll have to admit though, I haven’t heard “Twitter? I don’t get it” like I used to from the Twitter-Resistors. That’s ‘cause you suckers who claimed you “didn’t get it”, always got it, but now you’re finally on it. Plonk!

M.I.S.S. Kim and I went to MTV Studios on the 24th floor of the Viacom Building to what looked like a small waiting area and gathered around qith approximately 30 other attendees for the Kid Sister listening showcase for her new album, Ultraviolet (Read the review of Kid Sister’s Ultraviolet). The space was fairly awkward, as were the first few moments in the beginning of the showcase, when the dancers struck poses on the mini-stage. Her two dancers flanked either side of the “stage” (a la Beyoncé) and were dressed in shiny aerobic unitards with electrical tape wrapped all around their appendages, no shoes, and some MF Doom-looking masks. They kinda looked Brokedown Palace – but as soon as DJ Melo-X dropped the beat for “Right Hand Hi”, they started PUTTING IN WORK – so I decided to give them a pass.

Kid Sister LIVE at MTV Studios

Soon after, a fresh-faced Kid Sister came out in some patterned leggings and a black and gold t-shirt with the goddess Aaliyah emblazoned on it. She started off strong, was all smiles, and danced with energy, – despite all of the stiffs that were staring back at her from out in the crowd. WHAT!!??? You can’t be too embarrassed to dance to Kid Sister! For a second there I was the only one dancing in the beginning – and then I realized, a lot of the people in the audience worked at MTV and went to check out the showcase during their lunch breaks – so they may not have had a prior interest in Kid Sister, per se. They certainly weren’t jukin’ and waving around a purple foam “right hand” high in the air like my silly ass! Ask me if I care what they think of me!???!!!!

You Big (Tom Hanks), You Bad (MJ)

You Big (Tom Hanks), You Bad (MJ)

Kid Sister performed “Right Hand Hi”, “Pro Nails”, “Big N Bad”, and “Switch Board”, among others. Towards the end, she got REALLYcomfortable, took off her shoes, and started jukin’ on the carpet like she was in somebody’s basement at a slumber party. At one point she even backed it up against some lucky short dude in the front row. And after all that vigorous movement, Kid Sister proclaimed, “And THISSSS is why I don’t go to the gym!”

Here’s a snippet of the action. Look out for Kid Sister’s full performance on Live On 24 on MTV.

Check Kid Sister out in concert in Miami Beach on 12/4!

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  1. Gee Gee says:

    Randi I LOVE YOU!!! I’m so glad you decided to go in the end because lord knows MISS needed some good jukin’ coverage, we been slackin. PLONK!

  2. mari says:


  3. Barbara says:

    This means that the Kid is a real performer!


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