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Grow a Mustache for Movember with Demistache

Demistache teams up with Movember

Demistache teams up with Movember

I have several friends, male and female, that have drawn faux mustaches on their fingers and used said finger mustache for personal and public amusement. I’m also at fault for this folly, but in defense of my overactive sense of humor I have to admit, it’s silly, but it’s a good time. So there.

Despite my amusement in drawing fake mustaches on my fingers, there seems to be a way to save me massive amounts of time by not scrubbing permanent ink off my skin. Demistache, a collection of jeweled ‘staches’ has partnered with global awareness campaign Movember raise awarness of men’s health issues during the month of November (get it? Movember? So clever!) by using the mustache the obvious sign of manliness. In the same way pretty pink ribbons signify the awareness of breast cancer, Demistache hopes that their Urban Demistache will do the same for testicular and prostate cancer on a global level.

Demistache 2

The mustache has been a symbol of mystery and intrigue

Let’s face it, I’m not sure I know anyone who doesn’t get a good giggle or two from a mustache. From the Chuck Norris goat tee to the hipsters the world around, the mustache has been a symbol of mystery and intrigue, and now everyone from the All American Rejects to my Dad is deciding to grow it out for a good cause. For those preferring to keep their facial hair at bay, or if you’ve got a baby face like mine, Demistache has created these unisex necklaces especially for you. Proceeds from the purchase of your very on stache from Urban Demistache will go directly to Movember and the fight against cancer!

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One Response to “Grow a Mustache for Movember with Demistache”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    I am the proud owner (and frequently drunken user of) an illustrious and think faux mustache, but these are a lot more girly and elegant! Might have to cop!


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