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Fashion Meets Music: Kim Gordon

Wildflower Soul: Kim Gordon

Wildflower Soul: Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is undeniably the first lady of Alternative music. She plays bass and sings in the landmark band, Sonic Youth.  She encouraged her former record label, Geffen Records to sign Nirvana. She was one of the producers on Hole’s first album Pretty On The Inside. She co-directed The Breeder’s song “Cannonball” with Spike Jonze (one of my favorites), started the first women’s streetwear line X-Girl with her friend Daisy Von Furth. Today, she continues to produce influential music, art, and fashion. Kim Gordon is not only a fashion influence, she basically set the indie rock standard of “whats cool.”

Sonic Youth formed in the eighties in New York City and established themselves in the nineties as an experimental, progressive alternative rock band. Their latest album, The Eternal is a nod towards the artists that have inspired the band. According to The Guardian:

The Eternal is literally a self-portrait of the artists as consumers. With a few exceptions, each song is a byproduct of Sonic Youth’s culture-vulture virtuosity at locating choice morsels of carrion left behind by vintage vanguards and bygone extremists. This has always been an aspect of Sonic Youth, from Death Valley ’69 (inspired by the Manson Family and the moment the 60s trip turned heavy) through the Ciccone Youth side project with its conceptual-karaoke takes on Madonna and Robert Palmer songs offset by the hipster esotericism of Two Cool Rock Chicks Listening to Neu! (this was back when knowing about Neu! wasn’t virtually middlebrow like it is today, as the records were still out of print). I know people for whom Sonic Youth functioned absolutely as a portal band, an entry point for them into an underground wonderworld of dissident noisemaking and neo-beat bohemia stretching across several decades.

X-Girl was the first streetwear company for girls it was an attempt to bring alternative style to the mainstream

X-Girl was the first streetwear company for girls it was an attempt to bring alternative style to the mainstream

X-Girl was founded by Kim and Daisy von Furth who took inspiration from thrift store shopping and lifestyle to create a line of clothing that had an indie rocker edge with what we love best, affordability. X-Girl was the first streetwear company founded by women for women. The line epitomized the alternative uniform of the early nineties; cropped tees, loose fitting pants, A-line baby-doll-type dresses, and jackets. Chloe Sevigny modeled a look book for the brand and was also featured in their music video for “Sugar Kane.” Fun fact: the video was Chloe’s first acting gig, note the super cropped cut! She is almost unrecognizable! The video portrays the band playing during Marc Jacobs now infamous 1992 Grunge collection for Perry Ellis, you know, the one that got him fired.
“…when we started out, we really just wanted to make clothes that we wanted to wear and a lot of things were, like, modified ideas about a good fitting T-shirt or pair of pants. Things that you’d find in a thrift store that you’d want to alter slightly.”
Sophia Coppola and Spike Jonze were the event organizers of X-Girl’s first fashion show which was held on the street in New York City. Hey, it’s fashion week and you want people to see your line? Put it out there! Check out the X-Girl feature below from MTV’s now defunct, House of Style series.
X-Girl had stores in NYC and L.A, but was bought out and can only be found in Japan these days. Kim’s latest fashion feat was the 2008 limited edition Mirror/Dash collection for Urban Outfitters. The collection was inspired by French singer/actress Francois Hardy, and cool stuff for mom’s to wear. Amen, sister! I worked at the Urban Outfitters in Northampton, MA (the town in which she currently resides) at the time the collection dropped, and that table had to be kept perfect. Just in case she or husband, Thurston Moore decided to drop in for some shopping.
"I just happened to start playing music for the conceptual ideas."

"I just happened to start playing music for the conceptual ideas."

Kim’s first passion has always been art. She attended the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles, wrote for Artforum magazine, and worked in art galleries all while starting up the band. Most recently she contributed four paintings to the Rodarte Exhibition at the colette store. The acrylic paintings were done in a graffiti format and have an anti-art feel. So punk.  You can take a look at the paintings courtesy of Hypebeast.
The Eternal is Sonic Youth's sixteenth album and they are currently on tour

The Eternal is Sonic Youth's sixteenth album and they are currently on tour

Sonic Youth is on tour in support of their sixteenth album, The Eternal.

Sugar Kane (Sonic Youth)

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  1. I ordered x-girl from my big bro’s skate catalogs back in the day! Never even remembered that Chloe was their model! Does anyone remember the women’s line Lush by Fresh Jive? I dug that one too.


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