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Ears To The Street: The Blueprint For Your Fall Wardrobe.

In my travels to New York and Los Angeles in the past months I have noticed a contiuned consistent trend in ladies fashion. I have to say it kind of bores me because really, are WE still doing this??!!! But alas, the masses are and so to make sure you are up to trend here are a few things you MUST make sure you have in your Fall wardrobe…the blueprint for your fall wardrobe if you will 😉

Ears To The Street: The Blueprint For Your Fall Wardrobe.

Ears To The Street: The Blueprint For Your Fall Wardrobe.

1. The plain body con dress, with strong shoulders of course! I selected Alexandre Vauthier designed exclusively for Bon Marché Rive Gauche.

2. OTK boots, that’s over-the-knee. Not just for bikers and pirates anymore, perhaps a pair from Mr. Louboutain will keep you cozy this winter.

3. Leg coverings!! Let’s be real ladies, it’s winter and in many parts of the world that means it’s cold. Don’t be a ninny running around with bare legs!! Do show-off those lovely limbs of yours but might I suggest you keep them covered in some Wolford lace.

4. And lastly the gosh darm Motorcyle jacket. Will it ever go away? Doesn’t look like it will. So if your going to do it, I HIGHLY suggest a vintage one, something worn-in and aged to perfection or GOLD! This motorcycle jacket is from Etsy.

Ok, that’s it. No more talk of motorcycle jackets and body con dresses from me. Let’s move on to the next big thing 😉

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2 Responses to “Ears To The Street: The Blueprint For Your Fall Wardrobe.”

  1. Gee Gee says:

    Not a fan of the OTK boots, but that could be just because I have short short legs… but love those lace tights!

  2. Queen of Bows Stella says:

    I already have OTK boots, but I feel like I need more. Absolutely love them. And lace: yes.


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