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Chanel Paris Shanghai: Sneak Preview

Chanel Paris Shanghai: Sneak Preview

A few weeks ago we posted about the opening of the Chanel Shanghai boutique and Chanel “métiers d’art” Paris Shanghai collection. Chanel recently launched a Paris Shanghai website devoted to the Shanghai happenings, complete with sneak previews of the collection, video teasers, and an interview with Peter Marino, the architect of the Shanghai Chanel boutique. Not surprisingly, the collection will feature lots of red – a very popular color in Chinese culture. I’m already loving what I see – especially the lace, jackets, print and lip color! The “métiers d’art” collection is one of my favorite collections of the year, and if you’re looking forward to the show like me, we’ll have to wait until December 3rd for the premier of Karl Lagerfeld’s short movie about the collection and until December 4th for the runway show. Until then, this will have to sate our appetites…

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  1. Jenessa Jenessa says:

    I was walking my House of Beauty today in Philly looking at all the wigs and this post just affirmed that I need to buy a platinum wig with bangs. Just to have. DIVINE!


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