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Being True: Bring the Spa to Your Own Home

Being True Restoring Hand Cream & Anti-aging Body Cream

Being True Restoring Hand Cream & Anti-aging Body Cream

Going to a spa is one of my favorite ways to unwind and one of the most notable things about spa days are the scents.  All the products are very soothing to me.  Being True is a skin, body and cosmetics company that was born in the spa industry and is making its way into our homes.  All of the products embody the best in current, ancient and future technologies and Being True’s revolutionary products not only make you look good, but also feel good.

Being True’s skin care line is split into eight categories: anti-aging, comforting, restoring, purifying, balancing, essential, harmonizing and treatment exclusive (for the pros).  Each collection addresses a different skin care need and as a conscious and modern company, these products don’t contain any artificial colors or fragrance and are free from harsh surfactants, PABA and comedogens.

The body collection includes aromatherapy products that promote anti-aging, moisture, repair, rejuvenation and improve circulation.  I was lucky enough to receive 4 products from the Being True collection:  I tried the anti-aging body cream, restoring hand cream, essential lip balm with SPF 15 and the essential firming lip complex.  I can honestly say that I have 4 new favorite beauty products in my arsenal.

As a self-proclaimed lip balm addict I was ecstatic to try the essential firming lip complex and the essential lip balm.  The two can be worn together and they work like magic.  The essential firming lip complex reduces fine lines in and around your pout and brings with it a warm tingly sensation.  Layer on some lip balm after the firming complex and your pout is protected for the day – and the lingering ginger scent is not so bad!

Being True Essential Firming Lip Complex & Essential Lip Balm SPF 15

Being True Essential Firming Lip Complex & Essential Lip Balm SPF 15

I’ve also put the body cream and hand cream to good use.  Since I’m “with child” I do two things religiously:  lather myself with moisturizer and wash my hands endlessly.  That said, I need a good body moisturizer and hand cream in my life.  The body cream and hand creams take the same anti-aging principles that face creams use and apply it to the body – the body and hands age too, no?  And the smell!  A bit clinical, yet very fresh, there really is something to be said for aromatherapy.  Rose Hip Seed Oil, White Tea and Green Tea make these some of the best smelling products I’ve ever used.  Whenever I use them for a brief moment I forget where I am and feel like I’m being pampered in a spa.

Being True products can be purchased at Spas or online on the Being True Web Store.  Perfect for you, mom, sis, aunt, cousin, and friends, with all of the different product lines, there’s something for all of the ladies in your life.

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