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Witches Spring 2010

Favorite shirt!

Favorite shirt!

M.I.S.S. headed to the dietch pr showroom a few weeks back and had the privilege to view the new offerings from a brand called Witches. The “I” in the word Witches looks like an old-fashioned key, and the looks are spell bounding.

The line, designed by 19-year-old Gabby Applegate definitely hearkens back to the grunge era, albeit with more sophistication and attention to detail. The line even contains a dress called “Doll Parts”, like the Hole song! Inverted crosses were on a lot of the pieces; this went along with the witchy, supernatural vibe of the items and added a hard edge to the otherwise feminine clothes. An interesting pair of leggings had laces halfway up the legs….but they were particularly surprising, because the “corseting” effect went on the FRONT part of the leg, lacing up the shin. This is especially useful to snazz up a pair of plain shoes, because the lacing looks almost like it is coming from the shoes. My favorite piece was the silk beige half-shirt with the black upside-down cross. It would be perfect with a lycra high-waisted stretch skirt and some Alexander Wang boots. If I were skinny enough as well as rich enough (not yet on either), but a girl can dream….

Witches does not have a website yet, but the line is available for purchase. Stay tuned for more reviews of the treasure box known as the dietch pr showroom!

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