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We Got The Beat: Thecocknbullkid



After searching high and low for music as a means of inspiration I was recently introduced to Thecocknbullkid (aka Anita Blay.) It’s cliche at times, comparing artists who are alike in sound for a general idea of what someone is about to listen too, but eh sometimes you gotta do it. However in this case there won’t be any of that! The east Londoner has got something going on that I refuse to match up with anyone else, even if she says otherwise.

I guess the best way to describe what you’ll hear from Thecocknbullkid is between a mixture of lounge and electronica.  Her high pitch finesse, witty lyrics, and literal twist on pop creates a song worth not only dancing too, but listening too as well. And besides my idea of her music being the soundtrack at the end of movie credits, Thecocknbullkid has substance and is always nice to listen to right before going on out (especially at night.)



Okay so this isn’t exactly as promised earlier, but it’s great commentary! Watching her videos is like seeing Kanye’s blog in motion – eccentric, ultramodern, and somewhat challenging to interpret. And although some time has passed since the electro-grime artist has had a lot of hype M.I.S.S. Anita remains to be bold, brilliant and best of all, bad ass!

Listen to Thecocknbullkid Querelle EP here

Watch “I’m Not Sorry” by Thecocknbullkid here

Watch “On My Own” by Thecocknbullkid here

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