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Threadless at the New Museum

The Threadless slogan

The Threadless slogan

Let me tell you about my new t-shirt: It is by Threadless, it was free, and it is of a cat shooting mayjah lasers out of his bespectacled eyes. Spaghetti with dope sauce! I got this tee in my gift bag when I attended the launch party for the “Threadless Loves New Art New Ideas” Tee Shirt earlier this month at the New Museum. I like all parties, but a party in honor of a t-shirt is pretty funny, no? I think I am going to throw a launch party for myself the next time I make Tacos on a Tuesday. Taco Tuesday launch! With an official evite, yes?

Anyway, let me cut the snark and just say, this party was fun, and it was in honor of the crazy awesome winning design “3 Eyes, 3 Vehicles” by Daniel Absenour. This tee won Threadless’ “New Art New Ideas” challenge. The bartenders serving Bear Flag Wine were wearing this beautiful shirt – and let me just note that M.I.S.S. Kim and I thought the Bear Flag logo looked a LOT like the Wu-Tang “W”. Good look! Check out the winning design and other amazing tees created by democracy at www.threadless.com. Be like their slogan: “Nude no more”!

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  1. I’m still jealous of the shirt you got.


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