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The Link List: 10.23.09


Twenty new links for your pleasure. Like a sausage party.

♥♥ Buy the Agent Provocateur Sharon cardigan sweater with Penises on it for the low low price of $500.

♥♥ I don’t know what in holy retarded face hell Diplo and Major Lazer have going on here, but I like it.

♥♥ Make a fun DIY feather skirt with instructions from ….love Maegan.

♥♥ Refinery 29 shows us some humorous halloween costumes you can DIY the day before halloween.

♥♥ Glossy’s guide to thrifting on The Boobs.

♥♥ And Blogue pointing out that Goodwill isn’t going to let you walk away with some of those quality gems for nothing anymore. They’ve gone online.

♥♥ The 2 Bandits make accessories for your shoes including these hot leather straps with chains that you can attach to any shoes to dress em up!

♥♥ Downloady: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Track Remix) (Club Edit) via RCRDLBL.

♥♥ Complex came back with another hilarious soundboard to play with, and I can say with full honesty that I’ve hit the Kim Kardiashian “Oh FUCK Ray J!” button about a thousand times. It just doesn’t get old.

♥♥ And speaking of Complex, you should be up on their 5 O’Clock Shuffle if you aren’t already. Every day, 5pm – bangers for download.

♥♥ Head Porter drops a hot new plaid collection of school uniform inspired bags and accessories, via High Snobiety.

♥♥ Graffi-Coutoure in Vogue Paris via C’est La Vie.

♥♥ Fatlace Ladylike pointed out something this lady likes, the new Nikita website and collection.

♥♥ And I also have to give mayjah props to their DIY boot chains. Crazy Hot!

♥♥ Slam X Hype has the haps on the new NikeID iPhone App.

♥♥ Shoe designer Rupert Sanderson has created the biggest high heel shoe, which was captured by ariel view from a helicoper.

♥♥ Geekologie put us on to some really cool art by Gabriel Dishaw who creates with junk. Here, hes’s used all kinds sprockets and metal and computer parts to create these Nike Dunks, Blazers and Terminators.

♥♥ Character designer/story artist Jeffrey Thomas has whipped up dark and eeevil versions of some of Disney’s most beloved Princesses and heroines.

♥♥ You might have your man whipped, but your pussy can’t mesmerize like this one do.

♥♥ I can’t decide if this is cool or straight buggin, but would you wear light up eyelashes? via Fashioning Technology.

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3 Responses to “The Link List: 10.23.09”

  1. Dee dee says:

    the refinery halloween guide is hilarity. totally going as the mac wheel of death!

  2. yoshi says:

    yay!!! we made the list!!! =) thankssss

  3. margaret says:

    this might be the best column ever?


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