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The Link List: 10.16.09


link list 10.16

20 Links, Twenty Lynx, Twenny Lanks!!!!!!

♥♥ Sneak Peek! New Holiday multi-finger rings from Melody Ehsani!

♥♥ Kari Farrell, the Hipster Grifter wrote a love letter to Animal NY‘s Bucky Turco where she describes what it’s like to be in prison. She refers to herself and her bad habits that landed her a place in jail as being like “a retarded dog who keeps getting fines for not picking up after myself.” It’s no “Handjob with my mouth” but entertaining nonetheless.

♥♥ Crazy hot DIY Alexander Wang-like sock braces by Jazzi McG.

♥♥ Readymade editors sometimes go a week without something or other. Currently, editor Caitlin Thornton is doing her best to go a week without garbage. It is hard. (that’s what she said)

♥♥ Do you ever troll craigslist looking for freaks to laugh at? I do that. Here is a great example from The Daily What.  A topless man that looks like Stephen Root wants a dude of virtually any age to jerk off by his train set – no homo, and then Godzilla that shit but not break them, because they’re his sons. Also, free crab meat.

♥♥ You knit? You got a dog that sheds? Save Money on yarn with the book  Knitting with Dog Hair via Awful Library Books.

♥♥ Damn Nelson Mandela, you smell so good. Via Urlesque.

♥♥ Jon Bon Jovi is about to get spread like margerine (cuz it’s so much wacker than butter) all over NBC Universal affiliated channels and programs to promote his new album. Unwanted! Dead or alive. Via Idolator.

♥♥ 3 Remixes to downloady: Feist – I Feel It All (Diplo Remix) from Broken Silence // Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got the Love (XX Remix) from Indie Today // Drake – Best I Ever Had (Matamatics Remix) from Gotta Dance Dirty.

♥♥ Ahmaaaazing sequined butterfly bow clutch by bow master Alexis Mabile on Couturelab.

♥♥ Likely the most bullshittiest collabo yet, Tretorn and Commes des Garçons present some sneakers with matching tees that look like your homeboy in 7th grade homeroom was bored with a marker and couldn’t even think of anything interesting to draw. Via Format Mag.

♥♥ Seventeen has pics of the Rodarte collection for Target that drops in November.

♥♥ Elle reports that Joe Corre, son of Vivienne Westwood is leaving his position at Agent Provacateur, the company that he co-founded. What’s next? We’ll have to wait and see.

♥♥ Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are entering the eyewear game with $400 sunglasses for their line The Row. Via WWD.

♥♥ Frank Gehry designed a pair of boots for J.M. Weston’s Autumn/Winter 09 line. Via Designboom.

♥♥ drops the haps on the Keds Opening Ceremony collab that recently hit  their stores. Animal prints, kid – retailing for $125. These are not your skippies from Jr. High.

♥♥ Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a new scent called SJP NYC and I promise it doesn’t smell like the horse drawn buggies in Central Park. Via WWD.

♥♥ Speaking of scents, reports that Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers are back in the game with some slalom-back girl winter “Snow Bunny” steez.

♥♥ Segways are kinda cool/kinda lame. I flippy floppy. The PUMA – a sit down collabo between Segway and GM leans a little further toward cool. It’s been redesigned. I wouldn’t kick one out of my driveway. Via Designboom.

♥♥ Polaroid cameras and film are coming back!  Even in the digital age, Polaroid is turning out to be a lot like the little engine that could. Yay! Via Cnet.

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  1. ladylexx ladylexx says:

    You had me at that “Damn Nelson Mandela…” image! Hahaha.

    Such good links!

    • smh @Kari Farrell…*O_o*
    • Margerine = “Fabio” of “butters”?!
    • Jazzi McG is kinda genius.
    • Frank Gehry boots are handsome!


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