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She’s Crafty Halloween: DIY Max’s Wolf Costume


Welcome to She’s Crafty: Halloween Edition! With the recent release of the film Where the Wild Things Are, Max’s infamous wolf outfit has found itself to be a popular request for Halloween fiends this year. Problem is, most pre-made costumes are running for over $100. We will show you an affordable way to replicate the wolf onesie for under $50.

The use of a sewing machine is greatly encouraged for some parts of this tutorial. Although, you can still effectively create this look using safety pins, fabric adhesive, or your basic needle and thread. Let’s get started!

You will need:

  • 1 Pair of gray or white sweatpants
  • 1 Grey or white  sweater hoodie
  • Grey boa/trim (about 2 yds.)
  • Scraps of grey or white fabric/felt
  • Batting
  • Poster paper/empty cereal box carton
  • Gold spray paint
  • Stapler
  • Sharp scissors
  • Your weapon of choice (sewing machine, needle & thread, or safety pins)

optional items:

  • 4 Oversized buttons
  • Black pipe cleaners (for whiskers)
  • White felt or white assorted nail tips (for claws)


Starting from the top of the costume,  get your scraps of fabric and cut them into (2) triangles to make the ears. Once they are cut into your ideal size, fold each triangle so that they create two  cones. Now sew the ends and stuff the cones with batting.

Next, align them onto the hoodie and sew them on. Make sure to sew the bottom of the ears as well as the middle to keep them in a standing position.


To make the crown, take your poster board and cut large zigzags. Bring the ends together to measure it according to the size of your head. Now spray paint both sides and let dry. Once it is dry, staple or glue the ends together.


Moving on to the waist, this is an optional step if you don’t mind having your wolf costume as a sweatsuit. If this is the case, then, skip this part and move on to the tail!

Since we’re working with 2 separate pieces, you will need to attach the sweater to the sweat pant. To make it more concise, you can unravel the seam of both garments then sew them together. Or, you can simply sew them about half an inch above their seam.


To make the tail, take your gray boa and fold it into thirds. Twist all three strands together and secure each end by tying knots with a piece of (white) thread.  Now you can attach the tail to the back of the pants using a safety pin.


Your basic Max costume is now complete! Below are optional accessories and steps to create a more detailed look.

In case you are going for a direct replica of the Max Onesie from the book, you can attach foot socks by either sewing a pair of  socks onto the outfit or using a pattern for the foot part like the McCall 4675. Or, you can be like Max in the movie and pair your outfit with some old chucks. The latter being the more appropriate look for those planning a night out of partying or trick or treating.

If the arms of your costume are long enough, cut a small hole about an inch from the seam to put your thumbs in. You can also add a girly touch to this project by purchasing white nail tips from your local drug store and filing them to a point. Glue these on your nails with nail adhesive to create your own claws. Or, you can simply cut narrow triangles from a sheet of felt and sew this on your costume.

You can also sew on over sized buttons to the front of your costume. Feel free to also add on black pipe cleaners to create some whiskers.

And there you have it folks! Stay warm and cozy this Halloween with your very own wolf onesie. Best thing about this costume is that you can wear it all year long as pajamas, I sure am!

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