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She’s Crafty: DIY Sequin Seam Tights

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I am of the thought that if you have hands with opposible thumbs and you don’t use your your hands in a creative manner, you should just go back to living in a cave. Seriously. Get out of here.  The ability to create complicated tools, and art using our nimble and tactile digits is something that sets us apart from animals. They may be able to sense earthquakes and smell heart attacks, but we can make flexible fallout shelters and build pacemakers to even out that competition. Birds can weave baskets with saliva and twigs, but we can weave hair and make Jessica Simpson rich. And although that barely makes any sense you know what I’m getting at.  I’m sure at some point you’ve all wanted something so much that if you really thought about it, and put some handiwork and elbow grease to task, you could make that thing you coveted so. Or create something better altogether.

I am officially crawling out of my cave, stepping into the light, and I’m going to do it. What? I don’t really know yet. But I have some ideas. And some friends with ideas. And we will be sharing these ideas in my new column, She’s Crafty.

My first project just popped into my head one day, out of the clear blue sky. “Sequin Seamed Tights!” I said. So sequin seamed tights I made.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 pair of tights
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 1 sewing needle
  • About 2 yards of sequin string – or just measure one of your legs from your achilles heel to the top of your thigh, or wherever you would like the seam to stop, and double it.
  • Thread to match, or not match, if that’s how you roll.
My Trashy Pre-Seamed Tights

My Trashy Pre-Seamed Tights

I used a pair of pre-seamed nylon stockings. You know, the ones that make ladies look real cheap and sexy. For my first go at it, I figured already having a seam up the back would help simplify things.

Before you start, make sure the end of your sequin string is secured, so the string does not start unraveling, and you begin losing sequins. You can do this by removing one or two sequins and tying the bits of loose string together

Tights On Backward With Ankle Spot Marked

Tights On Backward With Ankle Spot Marked

Thread your needle and put one leg of the tights on as you normally would, and mark where you would like your seam to begin at your ankle with your threaded needle. Next, either take the tights off and put it back on backwards (seam facing up) or turn it around carefully so it is in the correct position.

Stitch Through The Tights, and Through The Sequin String

Stitch Through The Tights, and Through The Sequin String

Now, I hope you can touch your toes!
Place your sequin string parallel to the seam and go through the string with the needle that is already piercing the seam of your tights, and pull through to attach it to the tights. Continue to do this back and forth carefully piercing the tights (this is why already having a seam is great) and going through the string of the sequins at about half-inch to three quarter of an inch increments, securing the sequins to the tights, continuing until you reach the top of your thigh, or wherever you would like your seam to stop.

Cut the sequin string about 2 or 3 sequins too long, and remove them, securing the end of the string like you did the beginning of the line.

Repeat the process on your other leg.

DONE! Sparkle legs!

DONE! Sparkle legs!


So, what do you think? Are you gonna give it a try? Show us your results if you do!

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8 Responses to “She’s Crafty: DIY Sequin Seam Tights”

  1. Sarah says:

    Now if only you had some ruffled suspenders to wear with them….

  2. LC says:

    Wait…sequins come on a string? I’ve wasted my life.

  3. Kendra says:

    Love this!!! Can’t wait for the weekend to try it. Love the new stuff.


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