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Photo Of The Week: Volando Voy by Sahara Marina Borja

M.I.S.S. Photo Of The Week: Volando Voy by Sahara Marina Borja

M.I.S.S. Photo Of The Week: Volando Voy by Sahara Marina Borja

Where did you take the photo?

I took both photos one afternoon on Coney Island in July. I hadn’t been to Coney Island in about a year…on this day Coney Island was the stuff of New York legend! I mean, really…everyone came out to the beach that day. The voices were loud. Kids screaming. Couples flirting. Grammas napping under their floral umbrellas. Pops smoking his cigar with his swim trunks up to his chest. It was beautiful.

What were you thinking before you took the photo?

Of the kids, I thought, wow, he’s proud to be holding her, and she knows she’s worth holding. Of the boy flying out of the water, I was thinking: I’m going to wait until his body flies above the horizon and hope that all four limbs make a shape against the sky.

What were you thinking after you took the photo?

After the couple posed for me I was thinking it was nice of them to let me intrude…they were just there holding each other watching the water you know? And after I took the photo of the boy I made an invisible Arsenio Hall air pump in the air to myself. It’s the little things that are satisfying, about getting moments, you know? I try to keep it to myself hence the invisible arm pumps.

What’s interesting to you about the photo?

I always wonder what couples got between the two of them…i.e., am always curious as to how/why people tick together. Couples carry an air, and here I was attracted to how that air might translate onto film, if at all. Also, I like that he’s holding on to her tightly, but that she retains all sense of self.

Of the other, I like that I get to stare at this kid like a fish out of water forever, and ever, and ever. He’s flying.

What camera did you use?

Nikon 35 mm, 28 mm lens. Same ol’ same…

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