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M.I.S.S. Techcessories: ilovedust x Yamaha Giggle Scooter Is Cute, Not Funny

Giggle all the way as you ride from the city out to the hills

Giggle all the way as you ride from the city out to the hills

Sure, you may think you’re doing your part to help the environment by driving that Prius to work everyday, but why not be really eco-friendly and trade it in for a super dope scooter?  British design firm ilovedust (who doesn’t?) teamed up with Yamaha on a special edition of Yamaha’s Giggle scooter featuring a bright, bold illustrated graphic detailing a story of a ride from the crowded city out to the beautiful countryside, complete with old school chapel, winding country roads, townhouses, bridges, and lakes.  The graphic perfectly matches the Giggle’s 1960s retro style.  Beyond that, the Giggle features a liquid-cooled 50cc engine that delivers economical performance with low emissions, making it cheap to run and extremely environmentally friendly.  You can even store luggage under your seat in case you want to take a weekend trip of your own out to the boonies to get away from it all.  Each scooter also comes with a classic 1971 helmet from Bell R/T adorned with the ilovedust graphic.  Remember, kids: safety first.

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