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Link List: Breast Cancer Awareness Month Edition 10.5.09

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

♥♥ Didja see all the Pink on the NFL fields yesterday? Pink gloves, pink cleats… From the 5th through the 27th, the NFL is supporting and promoting breast cancer awareness on the field. Check out to find out what each team is doing.

♥♥ Tweet #tweetforboobs through the month of  October, and pledge to donate $1 to Susan G. Komen For The Cure. They’re only $783 into their $10,000 goal, so give a tweet, it’s just a dollar!

♥♥ Vegetables in the cabbage family have properties that kill cancer cells. But do you know what’s even better? Fermenting it. Yes, SAUERKRAUT! Kraut up your bubbies, and #holdthehotdog via Examiner.

♥♥ What’s the Bra-ha-ha? 143 Entries in the Bra-ha-ha art show, that’s what. Participants expressed their feelings about breast cancer by decorating 36C underwire bras in a myriad of creative ways, including a Tin Man themed bra titled “The Wizard of Braz” via Hampton Roads.

♥♥ Colorado tattoo artist Shane Adair is giving pink ribbon tattoos at his parlor for free all month to survivors of breast cancer, and the loved ones of those who have perished to the disease via Fox New Chattanooga

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