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Letter From the Editor: Comments Are Open!

Letter from the editor

It’s been a crazy month and I feel like I’m just now getting back into my normal routine after hitting up the tradeshows in Vegas and going to NY for Fashion Week.  We should be finishing up our fashion week coverage this week – sorry it took so long but there were many photos, videos and collections to process and we didn’t want to bombard you with everything all at once.  We hope you’ve enjoyed the coverage as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you.

There’s been an internal debate brewing for some time at M.I.S.S. regarding the issue of comments.  I’ve never been a proponent of censorship, but I did feel that comments should be moderated.  My feeling was that if you came to our site, it was akin to you coming to visit us in our living room – and we all know that ladies don’t go into other people’s living rooms and talk shit.  That said, moderating comments holds comments in the queue unnecessarily long and stifles community and conversation online.  So it’s with much thought that we decided to open comments.

Your comments will show up immediately, all you have to do is fill in your name and email address.  We’ll still check up on the comments and make sure everyone’s playing nice, and we just ask that you follow these ground rules:

1.  It’s ok to not like something – just please don’t use offensive language. – we have some young readers.
2.  No personal attacks.  Save that for the school yard.
3.  Keep it classy.

I hope that opening comments will encourage people to participate more and become involved in the M.I.S.S. community.  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Eyes to the sky, ears to the street,
xo GDK

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