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Hello Kitty 3 Apples – 35th Anniversary Event

Hello Kitty 3 Apples 35th Anniversary

Hello Kitty 3 Apples 35th Anniversary

Last Thursday when I was in LA, I went to the opening of the Hello Kitty 3 Apples Exhibition – a celebration of 35 years of Hello Kitty. It was a Hello Kitty lovers dream come true.  Virtually every Hello Kitty product ever created, old and new, were under one roof.  M.I.S.S. Liz provided a good part of the vintage Hello Kitty wares.  From bowling balls to guitars, to dolls and notebooks, whatever you could ever want you could find it with the iconic kitty on it.

The 3 Apples Exhibition also included artists’ interpretations of Hello Kitty.   Buff Monster, Bigfoot, Slick and Hush are just a few of the artists that were in the show. Hello Kitty herself made an appearance and the party wouldn’t be complete without birthday cake and goodie bags. Check out the gallery to get the full experience.

Hello Kitty’s official birthday is on November 1st so be sure to mark your calendars and wish her a Happy Birthday!

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6 Responses to “Hello Kitty 3 Apples – 35th Anniversary Event”

  1. Sistargirl Leilanie says:

    so bitter i missed the festivities, i wanted to attend those workshops last sat. good looks on the coverage G!

  2. Jenessa says:

    great pictures! Love the gum ball machines/Buff Monster paintings/Lady Gaga/Jason Mecier/cute Kitty bows/the list goes onnnn….awesome :)

  3. isa says:

    SO FRESH, girl!

  4. Nicole says:

    The exhibition is open until November 15th or somewhere around that time right??

    I NEED to go there! I’m willing to make the road trip happen! haha.

  5. Justine says:

    I’m in love with all of the art pieces <3
    Where can I find more of the Hush artwork?

  6. Debbie Breslow says:

    I was there! I went on Thursday 10.29 through Sunday 11/1. I saw all of the art, the “smaple” rooms, the pottery, the giftshop, ate Hello Kitty pancakes and waffles and had my photo taken with HK on her birthday. I came all the way from New Jersey as a 50th birthday present to myself.


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