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Funktional Spring 2010

Wire-sleeve dress (fave!)

Wire-sleeve dress (fave!)

One of the most amazing lines we saw via Dietch pr was the new brand Funktional. So, the name is kind-of a lie because some of the pieces served no function at all. As in, they covered no body parts. But they were all absolutely beautiful garments, nonetheless!

One refreshing factoid is that despite the “high fashion” look of the brand, the wholesale prices were so low (as in 20-30 bucks a piece wholesale), it was astonishing. Astonishing because it IS possible to look cute and different and NOT have to pay Louboutin prices. But the fashionistas don’t seem to want us to know that! Anyway, back to the clothes.

There was a bedazzled, shiny vest with geometric shapes cut out of it, and it screamed Madonna to me, specifically “Justify My Love”. Then there were the skirts with the wired, corseted bottom, which gave them a cartoonish, structured volume (just don’t sit down)! But my favorite “I die” look was the black mini-dress with the covered wire, birdcage sleeves. Qué Linda! Knowing that I could afford that dress made me sort-of want to offer them a few twenties right then and there for the floor sample.

The leather products in the line were not too shabby either, and also affordable. Most importantly, when cheaper brands so leather, it is usually very shabbily done – but Funktional still managed to churn out the butta leathas at a reasonable price.

This scintillating brand is also new, thus does not have a website yet. In the meantime, share this new-new with your friends…but not all of your friends…..cause damn, we don’t want this to become “visiting designer at H&M” popular yet!

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  1. Barbara says:

    I want all of the clothes!


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