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Cut & Paste Global Championship Competition

Cosmo Baker!

Cosmo Baker!

M.I.S.S. hit the Cut and Paste Global Championship last week (the first-ever Global event!) at the Hammerstein Ballroom to check out the event and get inspired about art. I was most excited about Cosmo Baker djing the event, but then again, I can’t even maneuver Photoshop. If you are not familiar with the event, it is described as the following on the website: “Cut&Paste is proud to present the culmination of Digital Design Tournament 2009 – the first-ever Global Championship. With the broad geographical reach of an Olympic event and the nervy psychological gamesmanship of the X Games, the championship takes the tournament’s international approach to design as spectator sport and amps it up like never before.” Basically, it’s a like a cipher, or a rap battle, but with design nerds. And it was awesomely good.

There are rules to the competition, as captured by some of my photos. The designers all had a theme (duality) and had 20 minutes on a PC or Mac to design an original graphic art piece. There were other design parameters, and a panel of judges (including a dude from Kid Robot) deciding who had the winning designs. There were several heats, or rounds, before the final design-off.

I stayed through the first round, and stood behind the mom and family of a designer named Neil. She was wearing a sign with his face on it! Despite the support for Neil, he did not make the cut for the first round. Gabriel Smetzer and another contestant were the top choices of the round, with designs of a monster next to a house and another design of a pigeon-like bird regurgitating colored blocks. According to the results, the champions were: 2nd Design – Janee Meadows, 3rd Design – Gabriel Smetzer, Motion Design – Jake Guttormsson. The event was sponsored by 55DSL and Converse, and there was popcorn and PBR being served (Pabst Blue Ribbon, for all ya’ll who don’t live the Brooklyn lifestyle hahaha).

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