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Claw Money Capsule Collection: DIY Couture for Fall 2009

Claw Money Capsule: DIY Couture for Fall 2009

Claw Money Capsule: DIY Couture for Fall 2009

Who can resist some fresh to death goods from Claw Money! The Claw Fall capsule collection, “DIY Couture”, has just dropped and it has all the M.I.S.S. ladies lusting and going gaga for their latest offerings. Chanel: the famous gold interlocking C’s. Such an iconic logo: loved and recognised by many the world over. Now used within the designs from the brand that made a knuckleduster fashionably badass: upping the cool, the edge, and the game for Claw Money.

DIY Couture features new silhouettes and styles which differ from previous collections, signalling a new direction for Claw Money. The oversized crop tees, all hand-dyed to perfection, proudly showcases Claw Money’s signature knuckleduster logo. These cropped tops do all this whilst maintaining the Chanel influences by using the back-to-front “C”, along with the classic No.5 style motif. Accessories include denim bags bleached with the Claw Money tag, and of course, some sunglasses – how else you going to rock Claw without finishing the look with these stunners?

Of course we love all the Chanel-esq goods; the more in-ya-face double C’s the better in our eyes! Personal favourites include the classic black and white jumper which has been updated with some Claw Money magic, to turn it into a badass everyday basic. And, not forgetting the dreamy washed light denim jacket, with the interlocking gold Claw C’s embroidery on the chest!! Quite possibly the sickest denim jacket I have ever set my eyes upon. No joke.

This is one hell of a capsule collection, you know the M.I.S.S. ladies adore the sweet C’s, and now it has been incorporated into one of our favourite streetwear brands latest collection, EPIC. The DIY Couture capsule collection is available now through the Claw Money store.

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