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China Glaze Has All That Glitters


China Glaze Glitters Collection

China Glaze is slowly releasing its Glitters Collection: 50 shades of flashy, fabulous fun! Replacing the gaudy glitter of raver days gone by, CG’s version offers a sexier, more refined shine, which can be worn alone or as a topcoat. Unlike most glitter polish, this rendition is relatively thick, requiring only two coats for maximum coverage. Added bonus: the line boasts limited shades EXCLUSIVE to Sally Beauty. Whimsical, magical, and youthful, this collection is a MUST HAVE manicure item and the perfect mate to this season’s sequin craze.

*From thumb to pinky the colors  are:
*Cosmic – Black CREME finish with small silver and large multi-colored glitter. Modern and edgy, this interpretation of black is more Madonna than Marilyn Manson.
*Meteor Shower – Navy blue CREME finish with large, holographic glitter. Think post-apocalyptic, nuclear winter meets a galaxy far, far away.
*Ginger – Copper metallic FROST finish with silver and multi-colored glitter. ‘Tis the season for pumpkin pie PIZZAZZ.
*Carnival Lights – Rose colored SHEER finish with small silver and large multi-colored glitter. Like Mardi Gras captured in a bottle!
*Bad Kitty – Sexy deep pink SHEER finish with small holographic glitter. Living up to its name, this color oozes SEX. Think Dita Von Teese wiggling on stage in a giant champagne glass.
*Preppy Pink – Baby pink CREME finish with large holographic glitter. For the GIRL’S girl: Sugary sweet, dripping with diamond shine. What  Barbie would wear. (Not shown)

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